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Loving this series

The animation is pretty good, perfect for what it's meant to be, and I love the voice acting and script, I think that the voice acting is exactly what makes this series what an amazing flash series it is for me.

As for Dragonsfury619, you're a fool. Take some to time to back to Machinima, and read the details. It gives you a link to the publishers home page, guess what his name on his email is. It's Falconer02. Machinima helps publicize works from other people, do your research before you jump to giving zeroes and publicly making an ass out of yourself.


It looked awesome, funny as hell but it took so long to come out XD
Can't wait till the next one guy and team lol, good job ^^


Amazing though I agree that it should be longer

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The concept is linear, simple, and has already been done.
The guns are also basic, and the game results in you only ever using 2, the highest level machine gun you have to kill the small enemies, and the highest level rocket to kill everything else. I would quite call it 9 different guns, more like 3, with 3 levels of strength.
The enemies seemed well planned at first, sending them in, slowly combining them, and then it got repetetive. Worse than that, towards the end of the game it seemed like you had run out of ideas and tried to hopelessly spam foes against us in hopes of making us lose, but you made the player too powerful. The only item I needed was the shield, spam your upgrades on them after you have a level 2 minigun and you're set.
The game was too easy, or impossibly difficult if you got unlucky, and required very little skill or strategy. You get 2 stars for the effort, but I doubt I can be convinced to ever play a game like this again, it's simply not enjoyable at all the way you went about it.


This is one of the games that actually deserves its place in the Art category, it uses the game as a medium to portray a deep, thought provoking story, which I would completely count as a work of art. Beyond that, it tells a story that almost everyone can relate to, due to the lack of detail, allowing you to fill in the blanks with what you yourself have experienced.

Wonderful Game, I love it, completely deserves the 10/10 ^^

I love it

Magnificient, keep up the work as I love these games ^^ (And obviously so do quite a few others, it's a good break from the typical brain burning puzzles or the mass produced action/adventure/fighting games)
The jump part really got me dwelling on things too for a while.

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I'm liking it, the drum beat and brass bass line do their job of creating a deadly sense of urgency, and the string lines express something chaotic, representing the thing in need of urgently being stopped. The only problem I have with this piece at all is that the bass line does get repetitive and I wish you would change it around a bit more, do something more creative with it to create a larger point of climax. The sound is great though and I absolutely love the mood behind it, good job! ^^

I like it, but it could take some cleaning up.

I'm pretty sure you recorded this straight from your keyboard, playing it all as one, or maybe it parts, but I didn't pick up any skips in the reverb from the sound or anything on it. For all I know you applied the reverb after you recorded, regardless.
The song as a whole is pretty nice, for the most part it's clean and well formulated, progresses well, but one of the faster parts a bit past 2:30 I can hear what sounds to be mistakes, and if they were an attempt at a tenser set of notes, you might want to revise that a little bit. Like I said, the song itself is great, all it needs is a little cleaning up.
I find it a bit more relaxing than sad, like finding something new and interesting, that place in the middle of the woods, almost a magical feeling, and you don't know what to think of it.

LazyBucks responds:

Cheers for that.
Yea being honest I literally was in a down mood, played it on the spot with a sustain pedal and just recorded in one go.
I know there are mistakes but I didn't feel like cleaning it up. I just threw it on NG to see a general reaction.

Thanks though.

Amazement, uncertainty, fear, and realization.

That is how I interpreted this song, a wonderful succession of emotions, discovering something new, but hanging back out of fear of what it is. Regardless, whatever it is turns out as incredible in the end as it appeared to be in the beginning.

Newgrounds needs more songs like these, thanks for your work ^^ love the piece.

Teh composer-ness in training for fakes.

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